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2020 Update






What a YEAR this Spring has been!


2020 has been anything but what we expected. Ever the optimist, I am determined to find silver linings every day… more time to get projects done that have been on a list for years, finding new projects, more quality time with my fur babies, more time to SHED my fur babies, and more time to organize and purge (my house, the barn, the garage…). I have chosen to focus on the things I have control over, as to not focus on the things I cannot control. I have also had lots of time to think… which has been both dangerous and productive at the same time! And I have spent many hours thinking about the Ride 2020, as there are so many things at play.


Given the current situation, financially I feel like I am in my first year out of college! I am worrying about paying my rent (fast forward, now a mortgage) and still spending way too much money at the liquor store! Add in all the other adulting we have to do (and horses!!!)… UGH!!


I reached out to 2 of my long time sponsors and their reply didn’t surprise me at all – they are not sure which, IF ANY, sponsorships they will be able to do this year. But… I reached out to them to see how they were doing. I reached out to them to get validation that I wasn’t the only one struggling. I reached out to them to get some sort of validation that my instinct to cancel the 2020 Ride was in part due to the financial hardships so many of us are feeling right now… was in fact, right. It just wasn’t sitting well to think about asking any sponsors nor individuals to give at a time when all they can right now is to take care of their own families and finances.


Then I began to realize that in the crisp days of Fall (if we don’t have an Indian Summer this year in October… and we all know how bipolar Mother Nature has been lately!) that there may be a resurgence of this virus… and all events and gatherings might be canceled, yet again.


All that to say that after many hours of contemplation, we have decided the 2020 Ride is going to be canceled. AND, ever the optimist!! I know that will give us all time to be ready to come back in 2021 with even MORE pink, even MORE determination, and even MORE of a reason to come together to hug one another, to ride, and to kick breast cancer’s ass!


Behind the scenes, we fortunately still have enough money raised from last year to fund another grant in 2020! Come 2021, we’ll be able to share all of the good that grant money has accomplished this year, despite the distances we have to take now. In 2021, we’ll be able to get our feet back in the stirrups and our future fund raising goals accomplished to keep the momentum going!!


Please stay safe and stay healthy. Remind yourself what’s most important in your life. Hug your loved ones a little tighter and a little longer. Ride your horses with more connection and freedom and abandonment! We are all in this together because we HAVE been for the last 14 years!! We know how to fight and we know how to stand as one, as we have done it so well at each and every Ride in the past. Please know that I CANNOT WAIT to be with you all again in person in 2021!!


Until then… Much love,







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